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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

All Unit Emails

The MSP communicates regularly with its members through emails to the bargaining unit. 

9/28/2020 [Allunit] Fri 10/2: Stand Out to Protect Higher Education

9/24/2020 [Allunit] MSP membership meeting October 1 at noon

9/13/2020 [Allunit] Supporting Staff and Solidarity Fund

9/4/2020 [Allunit] Labor Day and “Scholar Strike” teach-in

9/3/2020 [Allunit] Workload Adjustments for Online Courses

8/31/2020 [Allunit] MSP Statement on Staff Layoffs

8/19/2020 [Allunit] COVID testing, quality standards, intellectual property, and parking

8/1/2020 [Allunit] Town Hall meeting with President Meehan – Monday at 5:00 pm

7/17/2020 [Allunit] New FAQ including computer assistance and parking (FAQ2 Attachment)

6/29/2020 [Allunit] Update and info session tomorrow

6/18/2020 [Allunit] MSP membership meeting 6/23 at noon

6/14/2020 [Allunit] Join the caravan on Wednesday 6/17

6/8/2020 [Allunit] MSP update on bargaining and furloughs

6/5/2020 [Allunit] Working for Racial Justice

5/19/2020 [Allunit] UMass Unions United Town Hall 5/21 at 7:00 pm

5/11/2020 [Allunit] MSP Bargaining Update

5/1/2020 [Allunit] MSP Response to Furloughs

4/20/2020 [Allunit] Important Updates from MSP

3/30/2020 [Allunit] COVID-19 FAQs and Bargaining Update

3/16/2020 [Allunit] MSP update on COVID-19 guidance

3/11/2020 [Allunit] MSP Response to COVID-19 Developments