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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Sick Leave Bank

Faculty and librarians are automatically enrolled in the MSP Sick Leave Bank, and can draw on the bank for paid leave in case of their own illness or illness of an immediate family member.

Faculty and librarians with UMass benefits are eligible for the Sick Leave Bank (SLB), effective one month after date of hire. After the exhaustion of personal sick leave, the Sick Leave Bank can be used for any bona fide illness or disability.  

A member is entitled to ninety days of sick leave from the bank unless a majority of the Sick Leave Bank Committee votes to deny the request or to authorize a lesser amount. The number of days authorized by the Committee may be extended if a majority of the Sick Leave Bank Committee, acting on a request from the member, votes to extend.

A department chairperson/head or the Sick Leave Bank Committee may request at any time that any member who is drawing sick leave from a Sick Leave Bank submit a physician's statement certifying the medical ground for sick leave.

To apply to the SLB, submit the following items to your department head/chair (email is fine):

1. Written request to draw from the SLB identifying:

  • the dates for which you are requesting leave and the date you intend to return to work,
  • if requesting an intermittent leave, the work schedule you propose. (Your supervisor may require a different schedule.  For example, rather than release from teaching responsibilities, the supervisor may release you from non-teaching duties.)

2. Copy of the Certification of Health Care Provider for an Employee's Serious Health Condition form submitted to your department with your request for leave. If you are requesting time to care for a family member, theCertification of Health Care Provider for a Family Member's Serious Health Condition must be completed by the treating provider and submitted with the SLB request in lieu of the Certification of Health Care Provider for an Employee's Serious Health Condition.

Contract language:

Article 27.3.3.g, Sick Leave Bank