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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Sign letter to Chancellor to bring staff back!

Please sign now to demand that furloughed PSU and USA staff members be reinstated to full-time status.

The staff unions agreed to brutal furloughs, and the entire University has suffered as a result. MSP created a Solidarity fund that has raised over $50,000 and has disbursed all of it to staff who asked for support but it is long past time for UMass to do their part. With federal funds coming, it is imperative that we bring back staff so that the University is equipped to handle the 5,000+ students who are back in the dorms this Spring. The unions’ membership has agreed – no more cuts, and bring back the furloughed staff.

Our message is that federal funds must be used as they are intended: fully staff our campus, bring everyone back to full-time payroll, and make sure our students and faculty have the resources they need to do excellent research and teaching.  Add your voice to a letter to the Chancellor to let him know that we will not tolerate the inhumane and unconscionable future where workers remain out on furlough while UMass Amherst runs a surplus!