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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Executive Board

Executive Board

Steve Brewer

Biology, Morrill Science Center IV, 5-2272

Maciej Ciesielski

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Knowles, 5-0401

Christopher Couch

LLC: Comp Lit, Herter Hall, 7-1309

Clare Hammonds

Labor Center/Sociology, Thompson Hall, 5-0577

Christine Ho

History of Art & Architecture, South College, 5-8712

Marc Liberatore

Computer Science, Computer Science Bldg, 5-3061

Sandy Litchfield

Architecture, Design Building

Joya Misra

Sociology & Public Policy, Machmer, 5-5969

Craig Nicolson

Environmental Conservation, Holdsworth, 5-3154

Dean Robinson

Political Science, Thompson Hall, 5-0406

Jim Smethurst

Afro-American Studies, New Africa House, 5-2751

Jeremy Smith

Library Admin Services, W.E.B. Du Bois Library, 5-6729

Priyanka Srivastava

History, Herter Hall, 5-2751

Kevin Young

History, Herter Hall