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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Urgent action for a contract: Thursday 4/12 at 1:30

As of today, we have been working without a contract for 283 days. We need your help to settle a good contract!

The UMass administration and the Baker administration are blaming each other for their failure to offer decent cost-of-living raises. It is clear that the UMass President's Office is using the unions as pawns in the effort to win more funding. While the unions will always fight for funding for public higher education, we will not allow our contracts to be held hostage.

This Thursday, April 12, the Chancellor and Provost have agreed to meet with MSP members. Please join us in Campus Center Room 905-909. We are asking people to arrive at 1:30 pm; we will give a brief bargaining update and talk about our message, and the Chancellor and Provost will arrive a little after 2:00.

If you care about the issues on the table -- decent salary raises (including higher floors and promotional increments), professional improvement leave for non-tenure-track faculty, equity for CPE instructors, and a new pay equity process to replace our dysfunctional anomaly process -- please come on Thursday and make your voice heard. We need everyone's help to settle a good contract. 283 days is too long to wait.