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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Solidarity Wednesday (1/24/18) Please contact the Governor about healthcare this week!

Governor Baker needs to hear from you!  His GIC made decisions that Attorney General Maura Healey calls "seriously mishandled." Send Baker an email at and send a copy to Or call the Governor’s Springfield office at 413.784.1200.

With absolutely no notice, and with no input from working families affected by the decision, the Baker-controlled Group Insurance Commission voted to take away Massachusetts health insurance carriers available to thousands of active and retired public-sector employees.  Instead of local nonprofit healthcare companies (Harvard Pilgrim, Fallon, and Tufts), we are being pushed toward Unicare, an Indiana-based affiliate of Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield.

Next, the GIC will be making decisions that will affect your out-of-pocket costs, co-pays and deductibles. We absolutely oppose changes that increase our healthcare costs.

Tell the Governor that we have several demands:
• Governor Baker’s GIC must rescind its decision to eliminate insurance plans offered to active and retired public employees.
• Governor Baker’s GIC must freeze out-of-pocket costs and prevent any changes to access to hospitals, doctors or benefits.
• Support the public employee-backed bill that increases labor’s representation on the GIC, improving transparency in the decision-making process so that these last-minute changes never happen again.

PLEASE take one minute to send Governor Baker an email at and send a copy to Or call the Governor’s Springfield office at 413.784.1200