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The PVTA local bus service is at risk of rate hikes, service cuts, reduction or elimination of weekend service, and elimination of entire routes, including express buses. The state is underfunding our bus service by more than $3 million dollars. You can see all the proposed cuts and fare hikes here:

In particular, PVTA is planning to cancel the 8:15 am and 4:15 pm express buses from Northampton to UMass, which would be a major loss to UMass students and employees. Our students rely on buses to get to college classes; the environment benefits from fewer cars on the road; many workers rely on the service to get to jobs; and folks with disabilities who cannot drive rely completely on our PVTA.

​Here are some actions you can do:

1. CALL LEGISLATORS: Please make calls to Ways and Means Committee members: list of Ways and Means members

​2.​DISTRIBUTE FLYERS: reach out to​rider​s​to get the word out and get riders speaking out​. Let us know if you would like flyers for Hampshire or Hampden County PVTA riders.

​3.SIGN THIS petition asking legislators to fund the PVTA. Please share it:

4. JOIN the Pioneer Valley listserv for fighting the PVTA cuts: listserve