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Massachusetts Society of Professors

The Union of Faculty and Librarians at UMass Amherst

Nominations for MTA Annual Meeting Delegates and MSP Officers/Board

You can be more active in your union by serving as a delegate to MTA Annual Meeting or by serving as an MSP officer or executive board member.

1.  Be a Delegate to MTA’s Annual Meeting, May 4-5 in Boston

Come and participate in a 1,000 person democratic discussion and decision-making process of important issues that affect educators in Massachusetts.  MSP is allotted approximately 25 delegates and our attendance as higher education members is especially important in a forum that has traditionally been focused on K-12.

We encourage delegates to attend both Friday and Saturday.  It is especially important to be there Saturday when important business and position votes are taken.  We usually go out to dinner Friday night with our colleagues from UMass Boston.  MSP will pay for the cost of hotel and reimburse for mileage (we encourage carpooling).

Note:  Our own Max Page is running for Vice President of the MTA this year so sending a full delegation from MSP is especially important if we hope to elect Max.  Click here to view an interview of Max and his running mate for MTA President, Merrie Najimy.

 2.  Serve as an MSP Officer or Board Member

Another interesting and informative experience is available locally. Because terms of service rotate, there are slots available for MSP officers (who serve for two-year terms), and board members (who serve three-year terms).  These positions provide a chance to learn about important UMass concerns and help decide MSP actions.

A list of candidates will be presented at MSP's General Assembly on April 30th; further nominations will be solicited at that meeting and then elected by acclamation.  The Board is the decision-making body of the union.  Meetings are held every two weeks, generally for an hour and a quarter.  Officers meet separately during alternate weeks. Please contact the office if you are interested in nominating someone (including yourself).

Positions to be filled this year are:

Vice President (3)

CHFA Seat CSBS Seat (3)
Public Health Seat
CNS Seat
Library Seat

If you'd like to be nominated for or to nominate someone else, please contact MSP at Nominations will close at the end of our spring GENERAL ASSEMBLY luncheon on Monday, April 30th, Noon-1:30 p.m., Cape Cod Lounge (RSVP at to reserve your lunch).